About Us

OneShot represents the coolest and hottest way to drink spirits.
Our company runs its own specialized bottling facility based in Houston, Texas, and has developed a most innovative and exciting product: OneShot, OneShot represents a new concept of drinking.

Our Company operations are performed on state of the art equipment, capable of bottling over 1.5 million 50ml shots per month.

OneShot has developed OneShot Classic, a 50 ml high quality liquor beverage, infused with natural flavors, bottled in a reusable and colectible shotglass, and capped with a temper proof aluminum lid. It consist of a Tequila family of products based on 100% Silver Tequila from México and comes in several fun flavors, as well as two other families, OneShot Vodka and OneShot Rum.

OneShot is also in the process of launching OneShot Mini, a version of the Classic that will be more cost and beach friendly. This will come in coctail flavors and a prety box.

Our BIGSHOT Vodka brand is also in the works for this summer, perfect quality and amazing packagin in multiple points of sale across the country.

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