How do I open OneShot?

Follow these instructions carefully:



 Or click to watch this useful video:

I’m interested in getting OneShot for my customers. What can I do?

You can contact the local distributor in your State or area. We have a list of them in the DISTRIBUTION page of the website. Or you can simply contact us directly by phone or email so we can provide you with that information.

I am a customer and want to buy OneShot.  Where can I get it?

We cannot sell you OneShot directly in the United States since it is al alcoholic beverage and current law prohibits us from doing so.  Nevertheless, you can find OneShot in most liquor stores and many restaurants.  You can also contact us by phone or email so we can provide you with a list of retailers and restaurants in your area where you can find OneShot.

Can I re-use the shot-glass?

Sure! Our signature collectible shot-glass is intended for you to be kept and re-used as many times as you want.

Why does the OneShot content seems different from one OneShot to another?

We bottle OneShot in glass containers, and the bottom part is sometimes thicker than others. Having said that, you can be sure tha you always get full 50 ml of product.

Can I find OneShot in a supermarket and grocery stores?

This would depend on the State and area you are located.  Some states allow sale of liquor beverages in supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores and some do not.

Can I buy OneShot individually?

Again, this would depend on the State and local laws.

How do I play the game inside OneShot package?

Follow the instructions at the back of your sleeve (4 pack carton) and enjoy responsibly. If you can’t do it it’s time to stop drinking and refresh yourself. Drink responsibly, drink just OneShot.

Where can I get a screensaver or a logo from OneShot?

Just click on “OneShot Access” section from this website and click downloads icon to enjoy our unique and friendly images.

Is OneShot is a flavored beverage?

No, OneShot is “infused” with natural fruit flavors enhancing your drink and allowing you to enjoy the flavor longer.

What is the content of a OneShot?

OneShot contains 50 ml – 1.69 fluid ounces – of liquor.

What is the Alcohol Content of OneShot?

 YesThe Alcohol Content varies from one family of products to another.  OneShot Tequila Family of Products contain 40% Alc. Vol. – 80 proof.  OneShot Vodka Family of Products contains 35% Alc. Vol. – 70 proof.  OneShot Rum Family of Products contain 35% Alc. Vol – 70 proof.  Remember to always enjoy OneShot in moderation and responsibly.

Why is OneShot sometimes hard to open?

If you find OneShot hard to open, you are probably doing it wrong!  Our cap is design to prevent unintended or accidental opening by minors or children.  The OneShot cap is designed to be opened easily when done in the proper manner.  The same would happen if you were trying to open any bottle capped with a crown cap (such as a beer) or a bottle of wine without the right tools.  For detailed instructions on how to open please refer to FAQ number 1.

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