Responsible Drinking


Keep track of how much you drink: count and measure

Know the standard drink sizes in your country. With OneShot it is easy to count how much you drink. Plus, it has a temper-proof lid!

A word to the wise

If you accept a drink from someone you don’t know, you’ll know about as much about what’s in that drink as you do about the person who gave it to you. With OneShot you just Pop and Drink safely.

You know what is inside.

Pacing and Spacing

When you drink, pace yourself. Sip slowly. Have no more than OneShot with alcohol per hour. Alternate “drink spacers” – non-alcoholic drinks such as water, soda or juice – with drinks containing alcohol.

A bite to eat

Eating before or while drinking slows alcohol absorption.

Be a responsible host

Provide food and non-alcoholic drinks with alcohol beverages; consider serving pre-made cocktails using standard drinks measures.

Drive time

Separate drinking from driving. You can put yourself and others in danger. OneShot heavily suggests never to drink and drive. Think about how you’re going to get home before you leave home – grab a cab or designate a driver.

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